Cebu Goes Cullinary

Cebu Goes Culinary

July 25-26, 2014 – Salinas Foods Inc in partnership with Tangerine Kitchen and International Culinary Arts Academy of Cebu (ICAAC) participated in Cebu Goes Culinary.

Held in SM Cebu Trade Hall, it was an event organized by Hotel Resort and Restaurant Association of Cebu. There were several exhibitors present and among them was the booth featuring Aro-En Gourmet Salt that served as a launching for the two newest infused salts from the Research and Development team of Salinas Foods (Calamansi Salt and Chili Salt). The new packaging of glass jars was in display for the first time to the culinary community of Cebu. Quite a number of visitors were pleasantly surprised to know that a Filipino-owned salt technology company can now make gourmet salt.

Together with Salinas, ICAAC Chef lecturer Justin Mechill presented how he paired Aro-En Gourmet Salt to his creations of Scallop Ceviche paired with Aro-En Gourmet Shio Salt and Pan Fried Bone Marrow paired with Aro-En Gourmet Smoked Salt Kimchi Brusselsprouts with Bitter Salt. The crowd also got a treat of Krispy Kreme Salted Caramel Donuts that is sprinkled with the Fleur de Sel of Aro-En Gourmet Salt. As the day came to a close, it was evident that those who attended the demo gained an additional knowledge and new flavorful experiences.

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