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Aro-En Gourmet Salt offers a wide array of natural, organic, rich in minerals sea salt, made for culinarians and food aficionados to add the right kind of salt for particular recipes. Our salt technologists have intensively studied methods from different parts of the world and have uniquely developed our own farming and salt infusion techniques.


Recent Events

Cebu Goes Culinary

July 25-26, 2014 - Salinas Foods Inc in partnership with Tangerine Kitchen and International Culinary Arts Academy of Cebu (ICAAC) participated in Cebu Goes Culinary.

Held in SM Cebu Trade Hall, it was an event organized by Hotel Resort and Restaurant Association of Cebu.

Best Choice

  • Fleur De Sel
    Fleur De Sel
    Highly irregular, considerable amounts of residual moisture

    Application: Cooking, Finishing
    Flavor: Warm, Wooden barrel, Mild
    Use: Pasta, Roast Pork, Broiled and Grilled, Floating atop sauced foods, Buttered Toast, Poultry, Bananas and Tropical Fruits
  • Smoked Salt
    Smoked Salt
    Auburn Brown, non-uniform granules, low to moderate moisture

    Application: Cooking, Finishing
    Flavor: Deep jungle hardwoods, Bacon, Campfire, Cedar
    Use: Crème Brule, Vanilla Ice cream, Rabbit, Fatty Fish, Barbecue, Tropical Fruit rubs
  • Sel Gris
    Sel Gris
    gray, moderate moisture, irregular granules

    Application: Cooking, Finishing
    Flavor: Briny and earthly
    Use: seafood, grilled prawn and fish, fried vegetables, steak and lamb, Saucy fish dishes
  • Bitter Salt
    Bitter Salt
    translucent, low moisture

    Application: Cooking, Finishing
    Flavor: Powerfully Acrid, Electric buzz
    Use: Coffee, Citrus Fruits, Sour Dishes
  • Confectioner Salt
    Confectioner Salt
    low moisture, powdery, fine granules

    Application: Finishing, Baking, Dusting
    Flavor: Steady oceanic water with vanishing aftertaste
    Use: Chocolate Fondue, Cakes and Pastries, Desserts, Ice Cream, Gelato
  • Shio
    Complex crystals, moderate moisture, very fine grains, opaque milk color, dissolves instantly and completely

    Application: Cooking, Finishing
    Flavor: balanced bitter-sweet, lingering sweetness
    Use: Kobe beef fillet, raw fish, fried foods, seasonal berries, avocado, pineapple, Asian noodles
  • Mineral Sea Salt
    Mineral Sea Salt
    Snow white, moderate moisture, irregular granules

    Application: Cooking, Finishing
    Flavor: Savory, Clean and delicate mouth feel
    Use: Pasta Water, Hawaiian and Mexican dishes, all types of Filipino dishes, raw beef, salt o crust baking
  • Flakes Salt
    Flakes Salt
    translucent crystals, low to moderate moisture

    Application: Cooking, Finishing
    Flavor: Metallic, Crispy
    Use: Smoked duck, Salad, Fish Cookies, Pretzels, Savory Pies
  • Chili Salt
    Chili Salt
    Pepper red, clusters of granules

    Application: Finishing
    Flavor: Fast onset of clear spicyness, balanced hot mouth feel
    Use: Spanish food, salsa, steamed vegetables, spicy stews
  • Calamansi Salt
    Calamansi Salt
    Lime green, fine granules, moderate moisture

    Flavor: Bright citron notes and tartness of lemon
    Use: Grilled fish, salads, any kind of shellfish, cocktails
  • Vanilla Bean Sea Salt
    Vanilla Bean Sea Salt
    Monochrome, flaky

    Application: Finishing
    Flavor: Hint of sweetness, aromatic, mild
    Use: Caramel, Pastries, Macaron, Tomato soup, Panna cotta, Leche flan, Smoothie, Chocolate
    Mustard yellow, infused, low moisture

    Application: Rubbing, finishing
    Flavor: Tang and biting with zesty undertone
    Use: Pan fried salmon, Gravlax, Fish, Seafood
  • Garlic Pepper Salt
    Light brown, infused, low moisture

    Application:Rubbing, finishing
    Flavor: Pungent, subdued sweetness, crunchy
    Use: Buttered bread, Potato, Beef stews, Steak and Eggs
  • Rosemary Salt
    Rosemary Salt
    Green and light brown, infused, low moisture, fine granules

    Application:Rubbing, finishing
    Flavor:Hint of tartness, upfront and intense herby finish
    Use: Chicken, Cheese, Pesto, Turkey
    Taupe, irregular granules, low moisture

    Application:Rubbing, finishing
    Flavor: Ember, grill char, complex
    Use: Mushrooms, Pasta, Shrimp and Crab, Dessert
  • Mild One Sea Salt
    Mild One Sea Salt
    Glistening white natural pyramid salt chips

    Application: Finishing
    Flavor: Saline mist, crunchy
    Use: Salad, Salsa, Fruits, Cakes, Pastries

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