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Among the hotels that have started to embrace Aro-En are Radissonblu and Quest Hotel in Cebu. They have made the set of gourmet salt as part of their buffet in grilling station as a feature to make an interactive experience for the guests. Diners can an experiment by adding an appropriate gourmet salt to the ingredient of their choice (meat or seafood).

The chefs of Discovery Suites in Ortigas, Discovery Shores in Boracay and Discovery Primea in Makati are incorporating Aro-En in their menu. They recognize the important role of finishing their recipes with the right kind of salt that has a subtle yet noticeable impact on their food.


  • Fleur De Sel Red Pasta Sauce
    Fleur De Sel Red Pasta Sauce
    The Flower of Salt earned its name for being an excellent all-around seasoning. The delicate taste of fleur de sel is best suited to bringing out the full flavors of fine-quality dishes such as the pasta red sauce.
  • Smoked Salt LecheFlan
    Smoked Salt LecheFlan
    As the name suggests, smoked salt adds smoked and aromatic flavors to food. This binding flavor goes well with lecheflan for that sweet, smoky taste.
  • Sel Gris Roast Beef
    Sel Gris Roast Beef
    Sel gris is best used for seasoning as it does not suck all the moisture out of the food. And because of its complex taste, sel gris is a good compliment to hearty and savory dishes such as roast beef.
  • Bitter Salt Coffee
    Bitter Salt Coffee
    A pinch of bittersalt dampens the strong bitter taste of coffee. Though it does not give off a salty taste to the palate, adding a small amount of salt transforms the bitterness to a subtle flavor.
  • Confectioner Salt Brownies
    Confectioner Salt Brownies
    Confectioner salt enhances the taste and texture of baked goods. Its powdery form balances the sweetness of sugar and shortens the baking process. The consistency of salt to the mixture is the cause of having to produce premium quality desserts like brownies.
  • Shio Tempura
    Shio Tempura
    The Japanese have been making unique salt in complimetary to their taste. The clean taste of Shio salt bursts into a robust compound when used to provide complex flavors to any dish like tempura.
  • Mineral Sea Salt Bulalo
    Mineral Sea Salt Bulalo
    Different kinds of ions needed for a balanced body system are found in mineral salt. Since it has low sodium content, mineral salt is used to bring out the full flavors of food like bulalo.
  • Flakes Salt Salad
    Flakes Salt Salad
    With its course attribute, flakesalt adds crunch to fresh greens. The strong taste and fast dissolution rate of the salt creates more flavor suited for salad.
  • Chili Salt Pizza
    Chili Salt Pizza
    Chili infused in every grain gives a hot kick of spiciness. Pizza can be enjoyed more with a combination of both chili and salt that opens upthe taste buds to all the toppings.
  • Calamansi Salt Margarita
    Calamansi Salt Margarita
    Infusion of calamansi rind and juices in salt feels fresh with an aromatic finish. Sea salt with margarita makes the tequila sweeter while calamansi cleanses the palette.
  • Vanilla Bean Sea Salt
    The flavor profile of vanilla bean sea salt is as familiar as salty sweet combinations. Using leche flan and ube as fillings turns the classic turon into a gourmet dessert topped with beans.
  • Lemon Pepper Salt Salmon
    Lemon Pepper Salt Salmon
    Lemon Pepper Salt offers a blending of citrus and biting flavors. Grilled or pan-seared salmon can be perfectly enhanced.
  • Garlic Pepper Salt Buttered Bread
    Garlic Pepper Salt Buttered Bread
    To bring out a symphony of pungent flavors like garlic and pepper, simple buttered toast can be combined. It elevates the spices to that ofsubtle and balanced mouthfeel.
  • Rosemary Salt Roasted Chicken
    Rosemary Salt Roasted Chicken
    As an herb that goes well with poultry, rosemary salt eases and evens out therubbing process. The savory flavors of a well roasted chicken is best when paired with this to finish.
  • Smoked Salt (EUCALYPTUS) Salt Shrimps
    Smoked Salt (EUCALYPTUS) Shrimps
    The smoky flavor from eucalyptus in salt offers a stronger flavor when added to steamed shrimp. It can be reminiscent of char-grilled seafood in the mouth.
  • Mild One Sea Salt Pako Salad
    Mild One Sea Salt Pako Salad
    The unique pyramid shape of Mild One crytals makes it a good topping on salads. As its name suggests, the flavor is not sharp and can provide more texture to pako and other greens.

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